100% Natural and Organic Coco Coir

What is
Coconut Coir?

Everything between the shell and the outer coating of the coconut seed

Type of Coco Coir

There are two different types of fibres that make up coir and can be distinguished by their colours.

White Fibers

They come from unripe coconuts and are not as strong but are far more flexible.

Brown Coir

They come from mature, ripe coconuts and are a lot stronger, but in-return is less flexible.


Hydroponics is achieved by using brown coco coir since it’s processed even more after initial harvesting.
Coco Coir Applications

What to use

Coconut Coir For

Hydroponic vegetable and flower production
Potting mixes / Soil Mixes / Garden Soil/ Bonsai mixes
Mushroom production / mushroom farming
Soil amendment (Soil Conditioner)
Bedding for worms
Co-substrate for compost
Oil absorbent

Coconut Coir for Hydroponic Gardening

Coconut coir boasts antifungal and roots promoting properties. Coco coir can suppress and protect plants from dreaded root diseases such as Pythium and Phytophthora.

Coco Coir Hydroponic
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