100% Natural and Organic Coco Coir

Why Coco Life Coir

Coco growers that really want the best of the best choose Coco Life Coir. It is a sophisticated combination of high-value coco substrates and fertilizer that guarantee the best results.
Coco Coir Stimulates Root Development

Stimulates Root Development

Coco Coir is airier than standard potting mix allowing more room for rooting and plants to get oxygen. This stimulates both growth and bloom
Coco Coir is Eco friendly


Coco Coir is environmentally friendly. There are no energy wasting production methods used during the production. Coconut fibres are obtained from the coconut husks which is a natural product and is harvested throughout the year.
Coco Coir Stores water and nutrients

Stores water and nutrients

Coconut fibres have a high capillary action which retains water and nutrients. Just means you won’t have to water your plant as frequently.
coco Coir organic

100% Organic & Natural

Coco Coir Water Freqency

Reduces Water Frequency

Coco Coir Longer Life

Increase Life of Plants

Wave Wave

More Benefits to Coco Life Coir

Coco Coir has many benefits to using it. Here are some more reasons why you would want to consider using Coco Life Coir.

Disposal is easy and environmentally friendly
Excellent aeration
Compressed for Easy storage
High buffer capacity
High Cation Exchange Capacity
Great for indoor and outdoor plants
Easy cultivation
Resists both harmful bacterial and fungal spores
Saves cost on water and labour!
High lignin levels, giving it great water holding capacity
Can be used for flowers, greenhouses, lawns and for hydroponics
Great alternative to peat moss since its odourless and easy to handle

What are you waiting for?

Simple as

Three steps for Coco Coir

Lay block down in garden cart or flat somewhere with good drainage.
Slowly pour 8 gallons (30 Liters) of warm water over the block, allowing water to absorb without a runoff.
Slowly break the block with hand until light and spongy. Avoid excessive watering.
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